Waffle and Brown Cheese Friday!

It wouldn’t be right to spend a week with brown cheese and not eat it on a waffle. It’s a favorite Norwegian snack to have alongside afternoon tea or coffee. I’d go so far as to say that Norwegians love waffles with brown cheese as much as they love hot dogs, but that’s a different story for a different blog.

This waffle recipe comes from my mother-in-law, and she added a little touch from her sister-in-law, so it’s got strong Norwegian bones. My husband makes it every Friday for work and I always get a few leftovers at the end of the day. I don’t want to know a week without a Waffle Friday.

Waffle and brunostMamma’s Waffles*

(Metric measurements in parentheses)

2 eggs
7 tbl sugar (100 ml sugar)
4 tbl melted butter (75 ml melted butter)
2 1/4 c milk (500 ml milk)
7 tbl sour cream (100 ml sour cream or crème fraîche)
2 1/4 c flour (500 ml flour)
2 tbl club soda or sparkling water (30 ml club soda or sparkling water)

Beat the eggs and sugar until creamy then stir in melted butter, milk, and sour cream. Slowly mix in flour until batter begins to thicken. Gently mix in club soda or sparkling water.

Let the batter set for 15-30 minutes before cooking in a waffle maker.

*Just a little note for any readers who are used to firm, thick Belgian-style waffles…this recipe makes very soft waffles. They are more like a pancake with a waffle imprint. But that makes them so much easier to fold over (and therefore portable).

Håper det smaker! (Enjoy!)


One thought on “Waffle and Brown Cheese Friday!

  1. i grew up on cheese waffles (eggos covered with cheddar and/or not-fresh mozzarella; i was especially happy when my parents would make a checkerboard design of the two cheeses). so, i was totally stoked to make some of mamma’s waffles this morning. my tweaks, due to fridge contents, were greek yogurt in lieu of the sour cream and… wait for it… root beer instead of sparkling water! it was only a tablespoon, so it added just the barest hint of flavor. but i can’t help but wonder if i’ll be turned away at the norwegian border for these blasphemous changes to this treasured recipe? i ate them with syrup, butter, and/or clotted cream in the morning. i even threw a few chocolate chips into the batter on a couple rounds. in the afternoon, i covered one of the leftovers with smoked gouda. mmm… gooey sweet deliciousness! see pix on instagram.


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