Cheese Notes

IMG_1339I live in Austin, Texas and frequent a European style cheese shop called Antonelli’s. They are fabulous for so many reasons but I’m going to show you their Cheese Notes book.

It is formatted to reflect their in-store charts and cheese icons. I’ve only filled one so far, however that’s only because I didn’t start out using it when I started on my cheesy adventures.

IMG_1347Each page has a space at the top for the name of the cheese and the date that you tried it. Then it gets into the really cheese oriented parts.  You can record the type (cow, goat, sheep, or water buffalo), whether it is raw or pasteurized, the state of its firmness, or lack thereof, maker, place of origin and targeted notes.  The notes part consists of appearance, aroma, texture/mouthfeel and flavor. The final section gives you space to list pairings and whether or not you’d like to have more.

I know that not every cheese shop has a book like this available so I highly recommend making one.  It’s such a great way to keep track of your cheese and helps with planning parties.


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