Happy National Cheese Day!

I don’t know who decrees these things, but I learnt just this morning that today is National (American) Cheese Day! How widely is this holiday celebrated? I can’t say for sure, but fellow cheesy colleague, Perlagrigia, alerted me to its occurence via the Murray’s website.

When I realized my packed lunch didn’t have any cheese in it, I knew I would have to remedy this oversight somehow by the day’s end. Last night, the carnival had opened up in the field behind the firehouse and that means there will definitely be some great, greasy grub for sale. I had already shared a funnel cake with some friends, after the firemen’s parade yesterday evening.

ctmy18-fryer menu

Standing in line awaiting the fresh fried dough, I had time to peruse the fryer menu and while my head reeled at the discovery of the existence of the Twinxy, I was pretty sure that I would be purchasing a savory sampler platter in the near future… don’t judge!

ctmy20-cheesy smorgasbord at the carnival

Here it is, in all its disgustingly delicious glory: 2 mozzarella sticks, 2 jalapeno poppers, 2 mac ‘n’ cheese bites, & onion rings. Is that cheesy enough for you? Well, actually, it wasn’t for me…


That’s right, I went back and had the fryer folks put more (American!) cheese on the fries at the bottom of my basket. So, how’s that for celebrating National Cheese Day? By the way, in briefly researching this little known event, I also just discovered that Velveeta was invented 87 years ago.

Now, we have 365 days to prep for this turophilic treasure next year. Perhaps browsing these suggestions will help you determine how to celebrate NCD in 2016? Until the next food-focused holiday, stay cheesy!