Ricotta, Rosemary, & Rye Round-up

My last post waxed poetic about my newfound love for ricotta. So, I’ll begin this one with a bit of a postscript. About a month ago, I went out to a bar in the city with some coworkers. In the past, while the drinks here are good and we love their half-price happy hour, we’d found the food always to be kinda lacking. We didn’t really mind because inevitably, after a few drinks, we can stumble up to Shake Shack a few streets away, and gratefully gorge ourselves on grease to sop up the alcohol. However, on a few more recent visits, we had discovered that the bar had upped their food game by ordering in some fancier food from an outside kitchen.
ctmy24-house made ricottaThis is the house made ricotta drizzled with aged balsamic and served with sour dough toast made with rosemary & thyme. We ran out of toast before ricotta and shamelessly resorted to scooping what was left onto our fingers because yes, it was that good.

So, maybe it’s something I have about the little R, but a few weeks after that, I got into rye…

ctmy25-double carawaysI randomly found a a hunk of Havarti mixed with caraway seeds at the local village market. I ran home with my new cheese, toasted up a marble rye bagel, and topped it with slices of the Havarti for lunch one afternoon. It must have been a hot day, or I was very hungry, for I didn’t wait to melt the cheese. Double the caraway = double the yum!

ctmy27-luncheonette signage

Talk of melting cheese brings us to this afternoon, when Menage ChedDar and I went out to lunch at this quaint joint on the Upper East Side of NYC. This neighborhood is practically empty at this time of the year, so we had no trouble scoring a booth for two. My old boss had told me that this place does a good grilled cheese, so that’s what I ordered.
ctmy26-luncheonette grilled cheeseOf course, I had to gourmet it up a bit and I asked for mushroom and swiss on rye. Menage fell head over heels for the charm of this bygone place, sadly predicting that it’ll likely become another Citibank in 10 years or so. But if you find yourself in the city before August 2025, perhaps stop off at the Lexington Candy Shop & Lucheonette at the corner of 83rd & Lex. They serve breakfast all day, so I expect before long we will return.

However, for the moment, I’ll drop the hint that Stil & Jarls are about to meet up! And we vow that we will document any portion of our reunion featuring cheese on this blog we share with you. Stand by… the Stilton Express will shortly be rolling into Oslo Central!


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