New & Improved Cheese Options… in the Airport?!?

My circuitous journey that will ultimately lead to a meet up with Jarlsberg next Saturday involved an initial extended layover in the LaGuardia Airport of NYC. While I wasn’t terribly pleased with my first flight’s delay (for it forced a cancellation of an anticipated reunion in Atlanta that likely would’ve been turocentric), I made the best of it and decided to sample some of the fancy food on offer. I must say it felt very 21st century (meet George Jetson!) to order my lunch from an iPad.
ctmy29-fontina & arugula bruschetta

I decided to have a bruschetta festival when I saw all the delicious varieties available from the local café: first, there is fontina & spinach and the classic tomato topped with arugula–that’s the only one without cheese! All of these claimed to be on Balthazar’s bread and it was good, so hopefully they weren’t lying.

ctymy28-taleggio & ricotta bruschettaThe other two I tried featured Taleggio with green onions, though the menu had referenced fennel fronds, and ricotta with honey. These latter ones were definitely my favorite of the four. I made a delicious lunch feasting upon half of each pictured here, and definitely caused heads to turn from the pungent aroma emanating from the Taleggio slices. I saved my leftovers and had the rest for dinner in Atlanta during my shortened layover and then later on my next flight headed ‘cross “the big pond”. Next stop, next post will perhaps feature some British cheeses… check back soon!


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