Even Yummier Yarg?

In London, I stumbled upon some more Cornish Yarg. This one was wrapped in wild garlic leaves, so it is enhanced by that flavor. The shop attendant in Pistachio & Pickle Dairy in Camden Passage, Islington told me that I would not get the typical intense experience of biting into a bit of garlic clove, but something more subtle.

ctmy36-wild garlic yarg

The cheeseman kindly let me photograph the rind of the wheel of Yarg as he wrapped up a small sliver of it for me to takeaway. As it happened, I got a bit turned around making my way back my digs, so as I grew peckish, I pulled out the Yarg slice and had a few bites to tide me over as I studied the map.

ctmy37-slice o' yarg

My thanks to this Cornish countryside whose bounty leads to this delicious cheese, from the grass the dairy cows munch upon to the nettle or wild garlic leaves. All of it plays a part in creating this masterful cheese! Meur ras Kernow!


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