Sunday in the Park with Cheese

Today, Jarlsberg, the Viking, and Stilton went up to Sognsvann, a lake in the hills of Oslo for a late afternoon picnic.

picnic by sognsvann

In addition to crackers, tomatoes, prosecco, seltzer, clementines, honey imported from Italy, by way of Eataly, there were many cheeses packed in their picnic basket, some of which were purchased at Maschmanns.

ctmy40-sognsvann cheese fest

Starting in the upper left, there is Rosalita. Jarlsberg & the Viking were not fans of this “brain-textured” wheel. Stilton didn’t really love or hate it. Then, in the middle there is Kraftkar, which is nothing like a Kraft single! It’s a “powerhouse” of a veiny, bluey cheese from a dairy farm on the west coast of Norway. Jarlsberg kindly donated her portion of Taleggio to the table. Then, on the bottom left is another generous share from Jarlsberg’s Époisses stash. There was talk of a tart being made with this cheese and apples, but in the end, we had to dig into it immediately. Finally, comes Jemima, a Norwegian cheese we just had to try for the name alone. Jarlsberg described it as Comté’s cousin, and Stilton added, who is still wearing braces.

ctmy41-epoisses with chili-rhubarb compote

The Viking had made some delicious rhubarb-chili compote and Stilton enjoyed putting this topping on crackers smeared with Taleggio or Époisses.

Our reunion was all too short and we don’t know when we will next be in the same region at the same time, but wherever we do get together again, we are sure to have some cheese at the table!


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