This morning, I bid Adjø to Jarlsberg & the Viking and headed south to the Boot, where I expect I will certainly have more cheesy adventures. Since I’d be changing currency soon, I’d been kindly sent on my way with €5 bill and a handful of Eurocents from their own recent trips to Germany & France. Well, it turned out to be a very smart parting gift because by the time I had landed in Milano and was waiting for my giant backpack to come through at baggage claim, I had grown a bit peckish.
40.229-ctmy42-pan & parm

And behold what €2,50 will get you in the Milano-Malpensa airport! Yep, this king of cheeses was purchased from a mere vending machine. There was a little packet of unsalted crackers and a foil container holding the great cheese. A notation on the outside details that this little snack should be consumed within 4 hours. I’m afraid I didn’t wait for the cheese to fully ripen, but munched upon it immediately, like the dapper little mouse on the package.

Hmm, he reminds me a bit of Stuart Little… but though he’s cute in cartoon/CGI form, this is not so much the case if in reality, in your house, you find a little creature nipping away at your precious Parmigiano–‘Hands off, Stu!’, or to paraphrase the words of the cheese-toned Bart, ‘Nobody better lay a dito on my Parmigiano‘.


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