Lazy Monk’s Cheese

This morning I felt fortunate to find a grocery store open. After all, it’s a Sunday, I’m in Italy, and I was in a rather religious village, Bressanone, or Brixen. In fact, on my way to the shop, I passed by a church with a connected convent and monastery, both with their sisters and brothers scurrying about the grounds.

40.348-ctmy44-crescenza e pizza rossa

But, praise Cheeses, there was a Poli operating with heathenish hours because I knew I was going to be on a train for much of the day and I wasn’t sure what sort of dining options would be available to me. I searched out some doughy pizza rossa and then, because a  commercial for Certosa had been on repeat on a train station platform the other night, I decided to top it with Crescenza, a type of very fresh Stracchino.

I think I might have first tried this soft, creamy cheese at my Italian amica Cap Cressy’s house many years ago. If memory serves me correctly, she told me that it was originally developed by monks, so perhaps it’s not so naughty for me to be buying it for consumption on a Sunday? 😉

Crescenza is also known as “tired cheese” though there’s a dispute if it’s from the sleepy cows or the lazy water used to make the cheese. I know I was pretty exhausted by the time I reached my destination this evening, but at least I was not starving! Grazie to the monks and cows and unique water that all played a part in the development of this delicate, if simple, formaggio. 


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