Direct from Dublin: Beer, Cheddar, Brown Bread, and… GRITS.

Right, so I didn’t have a chance to try any cheeses while I was actually in my last stop of the Eurocheese Tour 2015, but I did bring home a wheel of Cahill’s Porter Cheddar with me! ctmy49-irish porter cheddarFrom past experience, I’ve found that these wax-wrapped cheeses travel just fine, even on transoceanic flights. And if I’d been flying through Edinburgh, I’d’ve surely tried to pick up some of the delectable cheddar from Mull or Arran with mustard seeds mixed in–it makes the most amazing grilled cheeses. But sorry, I digress, this is again, porter cheddar, which has a sort of funny look and a definite robust, but pleasant taste, all because when this cheddar is being formed, it is mixed with Guinness porter, a type of beer just shy of being the iconic stout. In the Dublin airport gourmet grocery, I had also picked up some brown bread, made with loads of buttermilk, so it makes a great complement to the cheese.

ctmy50-irish snack

I got home on a Saturday and had just Sunday to unpack and settle back in to “real life” before returning to work on Monday. My Sunday tradition is to make myself a plate of grits, and though Jarlsberg will disagree and be ahem, traitor to her Southern roots, in my humble opinion, grits ain’t grits if they don’t have cheese in them. So, today, I decided to be bold and experimental and shaved off a few slices of the speckled porter cheddar.

ctmy51-brown grits & bread

The result was, as you can see, brown grits, but with the buttered brown bread, I was as happy scarfing this fine brown breakfast down, as the dog I accidentally designed had it been tossed some table scraps!

Well, here ends the Eurocheese Tour, but the blog will keep going, so I hope you will keep coming back to read more. I will certainly be happy to keep discovering new cheeses and sharing my stories about them here.


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