it’s always cheesy in southern california

I’m in LA for a long weekend, staying with my friends, the Sternschuppe family, and their youngest member, Jermi Tortes, took me out to explore the exciting sights of beautiful downtown Burbank. We stopped for a late lunch at The Melt, a small local burger joint. Fortunately, they also sell grilled cheese sandwiches, so I ordered one called The Italian Job.

lax5-the italian job

It features fontina, provolone, and mushrooms on garlic bread. I’m drooling just as I type those words and yes, it was good as it sounds. It was also quite messy, at least a five napkin sandwich!

Two days later, we were back (besides The Melt, the fast-food options in Burbank aren’t stellar), and this time I decided to try their mac ‘n’ cheese. It was decidedly less good, so I didn’t even bother with taking a picture. The menu claimed it was a blend of aged cheddar, fontina, and jack cheeses and that the dish came topped with crispy onions. Now, I kinda wish I did have a photo for evidence because I definitely don’t remember anything crispy at all. There was a lot of cheesy sauce but it was on the less flavorful side. Maybe they make it mild for the kids, but it was disappointing.

However, if you find yourself on the West-ish coast, The Melt has a smattering of locations in California and Colorado. So, if  you are craving a cheesy experience, do stop in and try one of their grilled cheese, but steer clear of the mac ‘n’ cheese, unless you have a small child in tow.


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