Take another little piece of my heart-shaped goat cheese

One of the wonderful benefits of having a cheese blog is that people enthusiastically recommend cheeses, or better yet, BRING you cheese! Such is the case with today’s cheese, a goat’s milk cheese from a small farm in northern Norway. Aalan Gård (Aalan Farm) was founded in 1951 in the amazing-on-the-eyes Lofoten Islands. The farm makes 8 different cheeses and is home to over 200 goats that are milked twice a day. If you make a visit to the farm, you can even try your hand at milking a goat!

My fellow cheese-loving friend Carolyn discovered Himmeltind on a Hurtigruten journey to Lofoten. She liked it so much, she kindly brought back a chunk for me to try. A lovely red-wax covered, heart-shaped chunk at that!


Himmeltind is semi-soft and has a short ripening period, so it has a very mild flavor as goat’s cheeses go. I personally loved the lack of tartness and smooth texture. It’s still a crumbly cheese, but doesn’t fall apart like other goat cheeses I’m used to. As the farm’s webpage mentions, this cheese is good as a cracker/bread/salad topping, or you can even cook with it. I’m envisioning a Himmeltind grilled-cheese in my future…maybe with some fig or apricot jam?

However I eat it, I’m so happy to know about this beautiful cheese from my new homeland. A big thank you to Carolyn for this cheese discovery!

Himmeltind 2


3 thoughts on “Take another little piece of my heart-shaped goat cheese

  1. I watched Andreas eat some on his show about Scandinavian cooking and it seems really yummy. Is there a way for me to try some without traveling to Norway?


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