sheep & cheese

I was in upstate New York this past weekend and got to hang out with Gouda Brie, her husband Kefalotyri Dunbarton, and their daughter Derby Mimolette, who were visiting from Seattle. We met in Beacon and from there drove up to Rhinebeck to enjoy a day at the Sheep & Wool festival. The weather was crazy: bright and sunny one moment and then, there were flurries the next!

Eventually, after enjoying the sheep dog trials, feeding goats, eating pumpkin pie for breakfast and cider doughnuts for lunch, we drove over to visit with friends of Gouda & Kefalotyri in Newburgh. I was sort of a tagalong and I didn’t want to show up empty handed, so I offered up the Sprout Creek Farm cheeses that I had purchased earlier in the day.

ctmy57-sprout creek cheeses

Do Re Mi is a soft, spreadable goat’s cheese that we all liked and Bogart is a semi-firm cow cheese that their website claims everyone loves, even a child. Derby certainly enjoyed it, but she is a natural turophile who lives for any cheese-tasting opportunities. We inhaled nearly all of the cheeses and then dug into some really nice local pizzas. It was a cheese-lover’s & locavore’s paradise of an afternoon. I look forward to more like this one!

One little thing: last weekend, my camera got eaten by a Pacific wave, so my posts may have to be further delayed (than usual) as I look into replacing it. In the meantime, of course, I am surrounded my folks with camera phones, thus if I can find someone kind enough to snap a shot and send it to me, this approach also works. So, my thanks to Kefalotyri for taking this shot.


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