Just add Comté: A recipe

It’s easy for me to get stuck in a how-I-eat-my-cheese-rut. Meaning, I usually slice or cut my cheese into small bites and just eat it with crackers, bread, a pear or by itself. It sometimes never crosses my mind to include the cheese in a recipe. So when I spotted a sandwich on the menu of a local bakery that included my beloved Comté, it was a revelation to consider that a sandwich could be graced by this cheese’s presence. I quickly read through the sandwich’s ingredients, realized I had most of them in my fridge, then grabbed a chunk of Comté on my way home. A few minutes of preparation later, I was digging into this delectable sammy. Can I also say what a joy a cheese slicer is? Norwegians always have one on hand to slice their brown cheese thin, but using it on harder, savory cheeses is a beautiful thing, especially for sandwiches. It’s officially on my list of must-have kitchen tools.

This sandwich would be very easy to make vegetarian friendly, or if you’re not a pesto fan, spicy mustard would also be very tasty (oooh, and then you could add pickles!). So the next time you have a visit from Comté, invite it to come on over to your sandwich and let me know what you think!

Out of my rut Comté sandwich:
Serves 1 (or 2 if you feel like sharing)
1 Small Baguette (or any thick bread of your choice)
1 Tablespoon Green Pesto
2 Leaves Romaine Lettuce
2 slices Prosciutto
Few slices Red Onion
Thinly sliced Comté (how many slices is up to you!)

Spread 1/2 tbsp pesto on each side of bread, layer with lettuce, prosciutto, red onions and Comté, put the sandwich together, enjoy!

Comte sammy



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