Murray’s Meets Montréal

The other night, I swung by the Murray’s counter and saw that they had a Moliterno al Tartufo for sale. ctmy74-moliterno al tartufoYou might recall I had sampled the untrufflilized version a few months ago, when my boss gave me a slab of it, as its name made her think of me. And since Rondo had given me a Murray’s gift card, I figured what would be a better choice than this enhanced variety of Moliterno.

At the same time, another co-worker and fellow turophile Perlagrigia had recently returned from a trip to Québec. I had given her several recommendations for her time in Montréal, most importantly to try their fresh, hot bagels. Aside from their round, holey presentation, they are quite different from the NYC variety, primarily due to their smaller form and sweeter taste. Should you ever find yourself in Montréal, walk into a bagelry, and ask for a hot one. Do not try to get your preferred flavor. Just take whatever’s on offer, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

ctmy75-cheese & montreal bagel

So, Perlagrigia had kindly returned with an all-dressed (i.e. everything) bagel and we took it and the cheese to the park for a little picnic. (It’s not quite officially spring here, but Mother Nature is giving us a little teaser of what’s to come).

This cheese was obviously aromatic, but I wouldn’t say it was overwhelmed by the truffle flavor. Perlagrigia said she found it a bit spicy, but I wondered if that wasn’t from some of the seeds on the bagel? We quickly consumed all that you see here and were replete with the intense flavors, even I, who am not a huge fan of the Everything bagel. It just worked with the Moliterno. I guess sheep like seeds!


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