Did someone say truffle?

I owe my love of all things truffle to Stilton. I can’t put my finger on exactly when she introduced me to truffles and their oil, but for the past 5 years at least, I can’t pass up truffle fries or a pizza with truffle oil on it. Recently I was on the hunt for a Dutch cheese, but when I spotted this Brie with bits of truffle in it, my decision was made.                                                                                      

Brie on side

If you love cheese, then you have surely tasted Brie: a cow’s milk cheese named after the region in France where it was originally created. Its satisfying texture and mild taste make it a very go-to cheese for any plate or picnic. It’s important to eat Brie (and all cheeses!) at room temperature – the flavor will be much more potent and who doesn’t want that just slightly gooey goodness introducing itself to all of your tastebuds?

Photo Apr 23, 16 06 32This truffle brie was very good (from my neighborhood Fromagerie), with the truffle flavor being very subtle. Looking back at my pictures and researching other Bries online, I think the middle layer might have been truffles mixed with mascarpone, but I didn’t notice that while eating it. A cheese well-worth trying! Next time I’m planning on pairing it with something sparkly (drink-wise) and seeing where things go from there.




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