Queen Kunik

I can’t believe it’s taken me over a year to feature the mighty Kunik, my favorite cheese! This beaut was first mentioned in my brief bio. I think I first discovered her via Harney & Sons teashop in SoHo.ctmy83-kunik!

And then, the other day, I was checking out the impressive variety of cheeses on offer at my new & improved grocery in the country, and I knew I liked this place because they had wheels of Kunik. Even better, someone had accidentally priced it far too low, so I got a steal of a deal. Yee-haw!

ctmy84-white on the outside & yellow on the insideWhat makes Kunik so yummy? It’s a little wheel of cheese heaven from upstate New York that’s been made from goat’s milk mixed with cow’s cream. The best of both worlds! When you slice into it, the white mold exterior (typically edible, by the way) reveals this super creamy yellow interior.

ctmy86-kunik on bunny breadThen, you slather that onto a cracker, a piece of bread, or just spoon it up and stick it straight into your mouth. Mmm! This cheese does not disappoint. I took my wheel to work and shared it with the ever-eager-to-join-me-in-cheese-feasting Perlagrigia. She was an immediate convert. No surprise there. We continued sampling it for several days this week.

ctmy85-kunik on a crackerOne caveat I will give about this dear lady. Do not wait too long to enjoy her. She ripens quickly and when she does–pow!–she can go from a delicate, aromatic flower to the dreadlocked, deodorant-phobic hippie on the corner and then, well, it can be a little painful to sample her. Trust me.

So, look for a wheel (maybe start with one of the mini ones) that has a sell-by date with about a month to go, find some nice accompaniments, and get to smearing and mmming: the sooner, the better. You won’t be disappointed. She’s my Queen and she’s earned that prestigious honor rightly so.





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