Double Truffle

Stilton & Jarlsberg have managed to reunite once again and of course, there was cheese involved. Jarlsberg came over to New York to celebrate her birthday. They met up at Penn Station and enjoyed sandwiches from the Mario by Mary counter in the Pennsy. Jarls had the (redubbed) “Oliver” (see this post for further explanation) while Stilton tried the Caprese with mozzarella, a spicy tomato relish, and basil-based pesto. Both were quite good. Jarls also sampled their sea salt espresso chip cookie. Stil had a bite which she enjoyed, though she still wants to try their Nutella brownie.

ctmy87-truffled romano

Fast forward a few hours from that late lunch and the pair had reached Stilton’s country abode. There, in lieu of another full meal, J & S shared some tasty truffle-enhanced snacks. There was this truffled Romano (see above) that Stilton had picked up from the impressive cheese shelves at her new & improved grocery. And there were also some truffle & aioli flavored chips which stood in nicely for the truffle fries with aioli dipping sauce that she constantly craves. They washed it all down with a delectable rosé that Stilton had brought back from her travels through Tuscany last summer.

The only thing missing was the presence of their mutual friend and fellow turophile Idiazabal, who sadly had to postpone her plans to join them. The trio hopes to reunite all in the same place one day soon and feast upon heaps of cheese! Then, they can refer to themselves as the Triple Truffle Trio. 🙂


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