For the Love of Flamenco

Prior to her NYC visit, Jarlsberg read about and was intrigued by a paella & tapas bar in NoLita that featured flamenco music on Tuesday nights. Stilton was also eager to experience this perfect pairing, so they met there this evening after she finished work and Jarls had enjoyed a day of sight-seeing in the city.

We had not pre-booked and got stuck at a table near the window, but with not the greatest view of the band and dancers. We ordered some tapas, since the paella were huge, and Stil didn’t want to force Jarls to go veggie. Admittedly, one of Stilton’s vegetarian defaults is the cheese plate, and Jarlsberg was totally happy to share that option.

Unfortunately, the cheeses were just sort of . . . eh. While the blue one at the back had a sharper flavor, even it wasn’t that tasty. The other two were on the more bland side. This was disappointing as the tabla de quesos that Stilton has had at Nai Tapas is much better, in fact she even wrote about it before. Of course, we still ate most of what was in front of us, but we won’t be returning to this place anytime soon for the food or cheese alone . . .ctmy88-soccarat quesosThankfully, the music more than made up for the mediocre food. Eventually, the chattery crowds cleared out, and we were able to move in and enjoy the performance up close. The dancers were so passionate as they stomped out the beats to the staccato rhythm of the music. Stil declared that the lead singer, who sounded much older than he looked, resembled Hugh Jackman a bit, which is never a bad thing. 😉ny2060-flamenco dancerStilton regrets not thinking to get the name of the band because she’d like to see them again, though perhaps in a venue that has quesos mucho mejores! Jarlsberg will have to do some research and find out if there’s an obscure Spanish sect that has resettled in Oslo, so she can continue to get her flamenco groove on there. Hey, there’s a hybrid Scottish-Spanish group, Salsa Celtica, that Stilton adores, so it could happen!


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