Ich Liebe Käse!

Willkommen wieder in Deutschland! I flew back here two nights ago, traipsed about Munich for a day, and then left on a bus transporting me up to Frankfurt in a mere 6 hours (and for only €19!) My Eurotrip is almost over but quite by chance I happened to squeeze in a bit more cheesy fun.

In Frankfurt, I met up with the female half of the dynamic Striegistaler-Zwerge duo, another gal from my college years in Georgia. Striegistaler hails from Tennessee herself, but met Zwerge, a German lad at Tech. They eventually married and were initially based in Munich where I last saw them almost 10 years ago, but had moved to the much more economically friendly Frankfurt am Main (did you know there are actually two Frankfurts in Germany?)

ctmy106-frankfurt cheese shopToday, Striegistaler had a friend in tow with her, Zengarry, a raw food enthusiast from Belgium. We three enjoyed drinks and chatter at a small café. After he finished work, Zwerge tracked us down in the compact city, and we strolled about town. Lo and behold, we stumbled across this cheese shop.

ctmy107-so viel käseStriegistaler saw how my eyes lit up when I spied it and insisted that we go inside. The owner was a very friendly guy who offered us countless samples. I should’ve taken more careful notes as there was one Cheddar in particular that had us all swooning. It was sublime. We got some of it and a few others that were recommended, along with a bottle of fizzy wine.

eu16-227-frankfurt-rooftop-viewNext, we had drinks at a rooftop bar with an impressive view of the city, and were eventually joined by another American ex-pat Nicasio, a wildly entertaining drummer. After sunset, we all headed back to the Main (pronounced Mine) river, snuck into a picnic spot by a popular bar, and feasted upon our cheeses there. Nicasio had run home and brought along her sweet pooch to join us. Thankfully, he was not the begging type, so the cheese consumption was reserved to humans.

It’s funny to think that my 10-day trip throughout these five European countries started and ended with unexpected cheese finds. I wonder if the cheese seeks me out even more than I look for it? I can’t say when I’ll be back over this way, but in the meantime, I’m sure I’ll discover some more lovely imported wheels of deliciousness in the States. And I’ll be sure to share all the details right here.

Until the next time, dear Europe: Addio, ciao-ciao, Auf wiedersehn, Good-bye…
(hint: you can sing these words to a familiar tune from a famous movie)


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