A Cackalacky Creation

I’ve been back in the States for a few weeks, still fondly thinking back on the delicious fromages, formaggi, und käses I discovered and hoping it won’t be too, too long until I can return both to Europe and its turophilic bounty.

In the meantime, I made an impromptu trip down to South Carolina to see my brother Anster in a play. Before the show, I had dinner with my cousin Rubi, who was visiting from Scotland and one each of our parents, who are siblings themselves. Anster had recommended that we dine at Cribb’s Kitchen on Main Street in Spartanburg.

ctmy108-grilled cheese bite exteriorI’d previewed the menu to deem it veggie-friendly. It not only passed that test, I also saw a particular dish that made the turophile and Southerner in me simultaneously begin to shout ululations: Pimiento cheese fritters! I insisted that we start the meal off with them. When they came we found these hush puppy sized balls filled with pimiento cheese that oozed when one bit into them. ctmy109-grilled cheese bite interiorMy mom remarked that she didn’t see any real pimiento pieces, but I dismissed her disdain as the flavor of this appetizer still had a kick. There was also a tomato “jam” on the side into which we could dip these delectable creations.

I was happy to share with the table and we all enjoyed them, though perhaps not as much as Rubi did her shrimp & grits! I don’t eat seafood, but I do make a pot of grits (with cheese, of course) almost every Sunday morning, so I can easily relate to a fellow grits lover. If you’ve not had grits before, come to my house and I’ll make you some. If that’s impossible, then the thing to remember is that for them to be truly gooood, they need a lot of butter, salt, and cheese stirred in, though Jarlsberg would beg to differ with me on this interpretation. 😉


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