Where There’s a Will, There’s a Whey

A while ago I’d heard about the cheese-focused restaurant, Lucy’s Whey, and knew that there was a branch in the general vicinity to where I work in Manhattan on the Upper East Side. Unfortunately, the trip there and back again would mean a rather rushed lunch hour, so I had postponed visiting it. Today was a quiet summer Saturday though, so I asked my pal Menage Cheddar if we could make the journey to it after work. She agreed and we were greeted with this lovely chalk drawing of a farm and its bounty.

ctmy110-cheesy chalk drawing

Tonight, there was a happy hour special running which enabled us to try some drinks–Menage got a wine and I a beer–with two cheeses featured on their board of daily specials. Now, I thought I took notes, but they’ve gone missing–doh! So, I’ll try to recall what we had: one of the cheeses was Spanish and had a name that hinted at its Basque origins, i.e. meaning x’s where an Anglocentric brain doesn’t expect them. The other, hmm, I can’t say. I think we liked them both and do recall especially loving that honey with a chunk of the comb still in it. I wanted to buy some, but was told the kitchen had used the last of it on our slate. 😦

ctmy111-happy hour cheese slate

Menage ordered Lucy’s Mac and Cheese made with her last name, Gruyere, & feta, and topped with burnt herbs and breadcrumbs. She inhaled it which is always the mark of something being really good. I got Lucy’s Favorite Grilled Cheese made with Prairie Breeze Cheddar and fig jam. Though I’m not a huge fan of radishes, I was pleased by the peas in the colorful small salad that accompanied the sandwich. I could only finish half and though we looked at their desserts and they seemed amazing, we simply couldn’t bring ourselves to order one. Yeah, we were that stuffed.

ctmy112-lucy's favorite

But I expect that we will be back. It’s hard to say if I will be able to resist this wonderful sandwich again or perhaps be tempted by the mac cheese or another dish. I do know I’m going to be more careful next time and take better notes and not.lose.them. And also pace myself more steadily so I can try one of their fabulous desserts. Here’s hoping we find the will to get back to this whey soon!


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