“World’s Best” Birthday Dinner?

Today is my birthday and I had a fun time doing stuff in NYC that I never get to do on a normal working day there. I am going to see some friends later on, but I didn’t make dinner plans as I wasn’t sure when I would be home. So, I decided to go to the store and splurge on a few items that I’d never allow myself to buy on a regular day.

The new grocery in town stocks plenty such of these treats. I had previously eyed the twice-the-normal-price frozen entrée of Beecher’s “World’s Best” Mac & Cheese. This seemed like just the thing to get today. I took it home along with a pint of McConnell’s ice cream, another splurge. There was an unintentional West Coast lean to my selections; perhaps I’m hankering for a return trip out there? Anyway, this is what came out of the microwave after 10 minutes of cooking.ctmy113-bday-dinnerCan I make my own mac & cheese? Yes, and I have before, but um, who wants to do dishes on their birthday?! So, this lazy option worked just fine for me. In addition to a blend of Beecher’s Flagship and Just Jack cheeses (the former of which I’d previously tried, on an airplane) there was a chipotle puree and a few other spices giving the pasta a little kick. Oh, and they’d used penne instead of the traditional macaroni noodles to “adult” it up a bit.

Was it the “world’s best”? Well . . . I certainly enjoyed it and there’s enough leftover to dine upon it a further two times, but I can’t say I’m going to break my “no excessive splurging” rule to have it again on any other day than a b’day. I’d also be curious to try it at Beecher’s restaurant in NYC and see if it was particularly different when fresh vs. frozen. Somehow, I also think it’ll also be a little easier to pay the upcharge for it when I’m dining out.

And tomorrow, I’ll head off on some adventures upstate which will undoubtedly involve cheese. Watch this space for another post chronicling them soon . . .


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