Maple Leaf Cheese

I was on a little roadtrip in upstate New York and when I took a second glance at the map, I realized I wasn’t that far from the Canadian border. I didn’t have my passport with me, but I took a chance and they let me in! First, I briefly visited a nature preserve in Quebec and then after dipping back into the States, I crossed again into Ontario. It was still the part of the province where French speaking is not uncommon.


I had read about a cheese restaurant called St-Albert and knew it was a must-visit for this turophile. I drove through lots of farm land and eventually found the cheese mecca in the middle of seeming nowhere. I got a sandwich made with their homemade cheese, carmelized onions, and apples. And it came with a side order of poutine!


If you didn’t know, poutine is a crazy Canadian invention where french fries are tossed with squeaky cheese curds and then gravy is poured atop. It’s admittedly a bit disgusting, and yet absolutely delicious!

Attached to the restaurant is a shop overflowing with cheese-related products. I probably spent an hour in there trying to decide what to take home with me. Stay tuned to future posts for the revelation…


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