Tea & Cheese? Yes, Please

I had plans in the city this afternoon but before they began I met up with Menage Cheddar at Harney & Sons teahouse in SoHo. We hadn’t been there in ages and I don’t think I’ve ever featured it here on the cheese blog, but I believe it’s where I first tasted Kunik, so it holds a special place in my heart. Also, tea is always a nice accompaniment to cheese. Coffee and cheese–meh. Tea & cheese, yes, please!


I think this bag, which was on sale in the boutique adjacent to the teahouse, requires no further comment.


Of course, I got the cheese plate. These days there’s no Kunik (alas!), but from the left, we have the Coach Farm triple cream, the Tomme de Savoie, and two triangular slabs of the Harpersfield tea cheese, made with Harney’s own Lapsang Souchong! They also make another tea, well tisane, cheese with the Raspberry Herbal blend, but in the past, I have found this one too sweet, so I always ask for more of the robust L.S. variety. I usually get a pot of the smoky Russian Country to go along.

I enthusiastically inhaled everything before me. Menage stayed busy with her usual order of sweet scones. Her taste runs to the more delicate, though she bravely had a taste of my sampler. All in all, it was a delightful way to spend an afternoon on a steamy September day in the city. I expect we’ll be back.


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