St-Albert’s Sampler & More

I have returned from my roadtrip through the Adirondacks, across the Canadian border, and behold the terrific turophilic souvenirs I brought back with me!

ctmy118-st-albert-sampler-box ctmy119-cheese-smorgasbord

This is the St-Albert‘s sampler featuring so many different varieties of their homemade cheese. I loved all of it! Maybe the smoked was my favorite? I’m just always happy when there’s cheese at hand.

ctmy132-party-cubes-box ctmy133-party-cubes-box-inside

And this was the other thing I figured could travel pretty well. Yeah, it’s processed cheese, but I’m not that much of a snob, except when it comes to that sawdust in a green can. Also, I couldn’t resist the fun packaging and the flavors: bleu, mushroom, and onion. I was spreading them on whatever crackers or bread I had available, sometimes just popping the little cubes whole in my mouth. Delish.

Merci, St-Albert, j’espère retourner bientôt pour une autre visite!


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