Down in The Cellar

I’ve been wanting to go down into The Cellar, the basement of Beecher’s NYC shop, ever since I discovered it on a walk several months ago. I thought Jarlsberg & I might check it out when she was here last May, but we ran out of time. 😦

Thankfully, Hamakua was in the city for a conference and she was totally into visiting Beecher’s. She was, in fact, the person responsible for introducing me to my original favorite cheese restaurant, Artisanal.

ctmy125-hipster-lighting-cheese-makingOn the first floor, there is a glass-walled room where you can see folks making Beecher’s flagship cheese.

ctmy124-cheesy-decorThere are wacky paintings on the walls in the cellar featuring the animals that make the milk that becomes cheese.


Right behind us was wheel after wheel of cheese being slowly aged in the cellar.


There was a happy hour special going on when we arrived, so our first cheese plate featured some stock choices. They were good, but I didn’t take careful enough notes about what they were–sorry!

Our afternoon reunion underground ran on, but Hamakua and I were quite happy to order more cheese! We got Humboldt Fog from California that we knew we liked and then I proposed Pleasant Ridge Reserve, made in Wisconsin, which is where Hamakua’s mother lives and also, it’s the Cheese State!

We were washing everything down with some delicious drinks that happened to be the happy hour special. I think we might have had 3 a piece . . . thus not the greatest notes exist on our afternoon! But in the name of cheese, I happily volunteer to go back and do more turophilic research. Who’ll join me?


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