The Better Cheddar

I swang by the Murray’s counter in Grand Central this evening. They had a basket of cheese “orphans”, little chips off the original wheels that would look too small sitting on display in the case. So, I picked a few out to try. They were all varieties of cheddar, so the challenge was to determine which one was better.

The Bandaged Cheddar (upper left) from Bleu Mont Dairy in Wisconsin had been cave aged at Murray’s. It was the most expensive of the three, but my least favorite. It was OK, but nothing I’d shell out bigger bucks for.

Then, to the right is Flory’s Truckle Cheddar. It had been clothbound when aged which leant it a peppery and grassy flavor. Normally, I love these characteristics in olive oil, but in this cheddar they weren’t floating my boat so much.

Thankfully, there was Prairie Breeze (at the bottom) to round out the group. This was hands down my favorite and also the cheapest–double score! When I read about its Alpine and Mennonite ties, I was not surprised as I love the similar nuttiness in Cabot’s Alpine Cheddar. And Prairie Breeze was kicking these notes up a few more notches. It is the undoubtedly the betterest of all these cheddars.


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