The World’s Best Cheese comes from a little place called…Norway!

Yep, you read that correctly. The World Cheese Awards were held in Spain in mid-November, and a farmhouse blue cheese from a little farm on the west coast of Norway took home the grand prize.


The cheese wunderkind is called Kraftkar. It’s a blue cheese made from fresh cow’s milk with a little added cream. The cream seems to be what really separates this cheese from other blue cheeses. It’s not as crumbly as some of the blues we’re used to, and did we mention creamy? Oh my! This cheese also hits all the blue notes that are required – deliciously salty, earthy and well, creamy!

Kraftkar was sold out for a few days after the winning announcement, but I was happy to finally find it at one of my local cheese shops. I also remembered that Stilton and I had eaten this cheese during her visit in 2015! We know a good thing when we taste it.

If you’re in Norway now or planning a future visit, make tasting this delectable local cheese a priority! It can be found at both Flâneur Food and Fromagerie in Oslo.



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