Turnstyle Truffle Shuffle

While MeltKraft had been on my list of truly cheesy places to check out, fate decided I needed to get there sooner than later because this afternoon when exploring the options in Turnstyle, an underground upscale mall near Columbus Circle, I happened upon this branch of the local chain.

And they even had a special that was especially appealing, the Turnstyle Truffle Shuffle made with Tartufo Shepherd cheese, sautéed shrooms, shallots, garlic and parsley butter, fresh arugula, and truffle oil! Every single one of those ingredients is on my “yes, please” list.

I took my freshly grilled sammie over to one of the seating areas that scatter the long hallway. There was the perfect slogan on the table in front of me. I did eat it and it was as delicious as you think. If you find yourself in the city and most particularly meandering through the SW corner of Central Park, wander out and underground for this mouth-watering treat. You won’t be disappointed!


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