From Cheddar to Leicester

My fridge’s cheese drawer is overflowing with options, so it’s time for a dinner of cheese, crackers, and clementine. Just to the left of the Triscuits (smoked gouda flavor, no less!) is TJ’s Mull of Kintyre Cheddar. Very creamy, that one. Then below it is Millport Dairy‘s Smoked Cheddar. I’ll confess I bought this one because I initially confused it with Milton Creamery and their amazing cheddar. The Lancaster County blend is nice and I know it’ll be best when melted for mac ‘n’ cheese or a grilled sandwich.

Finally, almost matching the clemmie in color is the Red Leicester that I picked up as a cheese orphan. It has a very sharp, distinct flavor, so I recommend eating it with a cracker, not just on its own. It needs something to cut the intensity.

Interestingly, all of these cheeses draw their names from English towns. So I decided to look them up on a map. Leicester is northwest of London in the Midlands and Cheddar lies almost directly west of the capital. Cheddar is also close to the sea, so I’ve started to fantasize about a little day trip from London whenever I’m next there. If my dream comes true, you know where to look for a report on my adventures there!


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