National Beer (& Cheese) Day

Today is National Beer Day. I don’t know who decides these things, but on my way through Grand Central this evening, I saw that Murray’s had some cheeses on sale that reputedly paired well with beer. So, I picked up a small hunk of the Swiss Challerhocker. I also got some of Effie’s (effin’ amazing) crackers. I think I got the rye variety this evening.

Anyway, back to the cheese. Challerhocker is described as being a sort of super Appenzeller with extra cream mixed in and being given more time to ripen. I’ve tried a few basic Appenzellers before (pre-blog) and they were fine basic Swiss cheeses, but this one was extra yum. I found myself continually cutting off “just one more piece” and then another and another. It’s a very friendly cheese that your palate will adore. Do yourself a favor and take this “cellar-sitter” home with you. Your taste buds will thank you. And pop open a brewski on the side. Ahhhh….


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