Goo Goo Tots

I got to Atlanta just in time for The Vortex‘s 25th birthday bash. My ATL bestie Idiazabal had initially mentioned going out for Indian, but when we heard about their big day, we knew we couldn’t miss it. Plus, tots! We ordered some of their Cheesy-Cheese Goo to go along with them, and it was delish. The only unfortunate thing was that I’d forgotten that the Vortex is pro-smoking and being in a restaurant clouded by smoke just seems weird in this day and age. Even in Europe, where smoking is so much more common, the smokers have to go outside in almost every country. So, the atmosphere wasn’t the greatest, but the food was still delish, if a tad disgusting. I’m not gonna ask what exactly makes this cheese so gooey.

Also, you can get pimiento cheese here on your burger, including a damn fine veggie one. So, two points for cheese minus one point for smoke. Yep, I’ll be back, but maybe doing takeout next time, if Georgia still hasn’t caught up with the rest of the world.


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