Take Two

My lunch this afternoon had an element of déjà vu to it. Like today, about 3 months ago, I was on my way home to Georgia. I was flying Delta, whose terminal D is the nicest of all at LaGuardia, and I had extra time to kill, so I sat down at Crust and ordered some bruschette. On the left is Butternut & Mascarpone and on the right Ricotta & Fennel. Obviously, there are some other ingredients–a bit of pesto mixed in with the squash and mandarin slices piled atop the ricotta–but the recipe is pretty simple. And if you aren’t like me and fearful of any cooking that involves chopping, you might even try to make them yourself at home.

Anyway, back in January, I had this very same meal, but unfortunately, my camera was lost/stolen before I had a chance to upload the pics I took at that lunch, so finally I had the opportunity to recreate what had disappeared. And I certainly didn’t mind revisiting this restaurant a second time. I like to think of the squash one as the main and the mandarin one as the dessert. Both were delicious and there are many other bruschette toppings to choose from, so if you find yourself stuck in this NYC airport with a sucky delay, at least know you can pass the time with some tasty food.


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