About Us

Hello and welcome to our cheese-y blog! We’re 2 turophiles (i.e. cheese-lovers) in New York City, NY and Oslo, Norway who have come together in this little cyber-home to share our love of cheese with you.

Allow us to introduce our cheesy monikers to you!

Jarlsberg Emmental Morbier: Jarlsberg currently lives in Oslo, Norway. She moved there from Texas to settle in with her viking husband (he’s a nice sort of viking). Jarlsberg was a late-bloomer to the world of cheese, but after a few stints in France, it became evident that life just isn’t right without a weekly (or daily!) cheesy bite. Outside of thinking about cheese, she can be found thinking about chocolate. Her current favorite cheese is a 30-month aged Comté.

Stilton Velveeta Mozzarella: Originally from the (American) South, Stilton presently lives in NY State and works in NYC. She has been a certified cheesehead from her earliest days, when getting the “bumpy” slice from the hunk of not-fresh mozzarella was a real treat to today, when she treasures special occasions which merit an indulgence in a mini-wheel of Kunik. In addition to cheese, Stilton loves reading children’s books, travelling, watching British telly, drinking tea, and knitting.


Thanks for stopping by – we’re cheesed to meet you! Get in touch with us at cheesedtomeetyouATgmailDOTcom

(All photos taken by respective author unless otherwise noted. Header photo by Jordan Johnston courtesy of Flickr CC 2.0)


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